This is where SubSea Craft stands apart

Technology Fields

Team and Skill Base

In order to achieve our goals, we need an equally ambitious team who have the vision to look beyond today’s challenges to see far into the future and identify capability gaps. To achieve that, we have brought together an industry leading team from all walks of life. We have a strong and diverse team backed up by a strong veteran contingent with highly regarded maritime defence experience spanning the Royal Navy (and Royal Marines), Army, and Royal Air Force, including the planning and command of operations worldwide. Along with leadership experience across Government and Commercial Defence projects, our engineers possess a distinguished level of specialist academic learning.

The company currently comprises a team of 70 skilled professionals, encompassing 8 technological functions, spread across 3 facilities. If you would like to learn more, please visit our careers page.

VICTA Technology
Whilst we are predominantly focused on the defence market – providing solutions for littoral manoeuvre based on our core expertise – we will continuously seek wider commercial opportunities on a sector agnostic basis in which to apply our technology.

Major Technology Fields we offer expertise in:



We excel in 3D CAD, computational fluid dynamics, and digital verification and validation approaches to allow rapid concept development of operational requirements.



Our configurable, platform-agnostic control systems feature a distributed architecture, precision closed-loop control, and offers ease of maintenance using commercially available components.



We focus on human-machine collaboration, developing intelligent control systems with machine learning and sensor fusion for autonomous-ready products.



Our material science laboratory researches novel materials for product innovation, including data and power management, as well as minimising signature.



We develop prognostic models and apply machine learning to provide real-time health monitoring of platforms, enhancing asset availability and reducing maintenance costs. For example, our software product, REMORA (DI), is a vehicle-agnostic software suite with a distributed architecture for real-time data capture and injection. It offers a comprehensive Graphic User Interface (GUI) for engineering data analytics, integrates with any system, and provides valuable insights into system behaviour. REMORA TRAINING (T) extends data insights to enhance safety, operator training, and operational tactics. REMORA (PM) is an optional service for condition-based monitoring, leveraging data and machine learning to predict component failure and reduce maintenance costs.


We explore hybrid systems and alternative fuels to optimise platform performance, increase sustainability, and provide propulsive redundancy.

Our mission is to secure the competitive advantage through the accelerated research, development, and delivery of maritime technology.