Accelerated research, development, and delivery of maritime technology

Company Overview

Who we are

SubSea Craft is a UK based technology SME with a mission to deliver the competitive edge in maritime technology. We are not a requirements-based company, rather a product-focused enterprise delivering what the market needs.

What we do

With innovation as a bedrock, through research, development, and application of advanced technology, SubSea Craft delivers next generation capability solutions to support maritime manoeuvre.


On future-proofed physical and digital solutions to accelerate the delivery of technology to our clients, and is underpinned by outstanding service support programmes built using open architecture principles.

SubSea Craft achieves landmark Proof of Concept with VICTA

Our experience

SubSea Craft offers a new way of doing things. Our team has extensive Defence and Commercial experience across a range of sectors, giving us an unrivalled understanding of operator and market requirements. We bring together best-in-class partners from the maritime, technology, and defence sectors to deliver a technical edge to our clients.


By empowering and valuing our people and investing in advanced design and manufacturing processes, we are agile and courageous in reacting to emerging challenges. This sets us apart from more risk-averse companies.

Our mission is to secure the competitive advantage through the accelerated research, development, and delivery of maritime technology.