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SubSea Craft Welcomes Vice Admiral James Pitts to the Camber

SubSea Craft Welcomes Vice Admiral James Pitts to the Camber

17 June 2024, Portsmouth, UK: Vice Admiral James Pitts, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for War-fighting Requirements and Capabilities at the US Navy, visited SubSea Craft’s headquarters in Portsmouth to discuss the role SMEs are playing in providing agile responses to emerging threats in the maritime domain.

During his visit, Vice Admiral Pitts toured the heart of SubSea’s manufacturing operation, with a particular focus on autonomous capabilities and unmanned operations.

VICTA is underpinned by an open architecture command and control system, is autonomous ready, and can deliver a variety of payloads all of which help deliver operational advantage. The digital foundation ensures the craft remains future proofed, with the team able to make rapid software upgrades in response to changing user requirements as opposed to hardware reconfiguration which is costly and time-consuming.

With a core focus on research and development, SubSea Craft is poised to deliver advanced capabilities at pace and reduced cost in-house, delivering a competitive edge compared to traditional capability acquisition in an increasingly evolving and contested geopolitical arena.

Will Henson, Design and Development Engineer of SubSea Craft, said:

“It was a privilege to tour Vice Admiral Pitts around our facilities today and show who we are and how we are positioned to respond to advancing user requirements across navies globally.

We are producing innovative technologies that will impact the whole maritime sector and we look forward to continuing to showcase our expertise to the UK and its allies.”

Our mission is to secure the competitive advantage through the accelerated research, development, and delivery of maritime technology.