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SubSea Craft at DSEI London – with Naval News

SubSea Craft at DSEI London – with Naval News

At DSEI 2023 in London, United Kingdom, British company SubSea Craft shared the latest development with its VICTA diver delivery unit (DDU) program.

Scott Verney , the company’s CEO shared with Naval News an important announcement: VICTA achieved the proof of concept milestone during the Summer of 2023. In addition, SubSea Craft has started production of a second VICTA craft.

VICTA combines the characteristics of a fast surface craft with those of a submersible. It moves quickly and seamlessly from surface to sub-surface and this transition, along with its performance in both domains is enabled by an innovative fly-by-wire control system.

Impressive performance on the surface (40kts and 250nm endurance) is matched by equally striking specification under water where 4hrs endurance is sufficient to navigate 2 crew and 6 divers for 25nm.

Compatibility with a standard ISO shipping container make it widely deployable and the experience of a former Special Forces operator and SDV pilot with over 28 years surface and sub-surface operational experience has enabled a design that reflects the needs of the operator.

VICTA enables the inconspicuous insertion and extraction of mission-ready capability at range and as such, it broadens the spectrum of operational options on offer to commanders of Maritime, Joint and Special Operations.

Source: Naval News

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