Our priority is to provide a craft designed around you, the end user. In doing so, we provide a complete end-to-end support package to ensure that the craft meets your precise needs (including bespoke build requirements), entering smoothly into active service and providing peerless reliability and availability beyond.

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Our start point is to develop a precise understanding of the capabilities you require. As a part of this scoping process, we will consider all relevant factors including the specific operational parameters, support and training requirements alongside the craft’s expected lifecycle.

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Next, we will work with you to develop a detailed specification and User Requirement Document (URD). Once agreed, we will work closely with you to design your craft to meet your precise needs, consulting, advising and compromising where necessary, but ultimately, developing and building world-leading capability based on your requirements.

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Underwater rear
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Build and configure

The spec is then cross-referenced against the craft at the Technology Demonstration level, through Prototype and, depending on the volume needed, into Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP).

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Our engineers will work alongside your team to bring your craft into service following an established path through initial to full operational capability, leading to lasting service.

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We offer fully bespoke training packages for operators, support and maintenance teams at our R&D and Training base in Portland, UK. ‘Train the Trainer’ style instruction can be delivered there prior to follow-on or continuation training, which could be conducted at a location of your choosing. Dependant upon your needs, this could cover:

  • Technical familiarisation
  • Launching and recovery procedures
  • Storage procedures
  • Pre-flight checks
  • Fuelling and charging
  • Air charging
  • Surface running procedures
  • Transition procedures
  • Submerged running procedures
  • Emergency evacuation and shut down procedures
  • Planned maintenance scheduling (by individual system)

Simulators are also in development, enabling training at lower cost and providing an ideal platform for ongoing development.

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Ongoing servicing and support

Return-to-manufacturer maintenance (including mid-life updates) is offered and we can also deploy mobile technical support and maintenance teams for global on-site support.