Partners and our Partnering Code

Our Diver Delivery Unit, VICTA, combines our own innovative technology and design with in-service equipment carefully selected for its reliability, quality and performance. We’re pleased to work in partnership with some of the world’s leading specialist suppliers and organisations, whose unique products and expertise have made our own world-first possible. 

Our partnering code ensures our commitment to delivering the very best for today and tomorrow’s requirements.

Our Partnering Code (PDF, 75.39KB)
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  • Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies

    Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies offer a cohesive team of world leading naval architects and optimisation specialists; fluid dynamists; mechanical, structural and composite engineers; control strategy and system specialists. We offer data and simulation engineers with access to the latest commercial knowledge, using bespoke in-house design tools.

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  • AC Marine & Composites

    A C Marine & Composites is an industry leader in the manufacture of composite components.

  • Propulsion

  • Copenhagen Subsea A/S

    Suppliers of Reliable, Powerful and Silent Subsea Thrusters.

  • Konsgberg

    KONGSBERG specialises in developing advanced technologies, to provide extreme performance for extreme conditions.

  • Marine Propulsion Solutions

    PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions provide a full range of SubSea Propulsion and Thruster Systems.


    Advanced marine propulsion technology, Seatek engines are designed specifically as Marine Engines not adapted from other non-marine engine units, they are used extensively in military and racing applications.

  • Life Support System

    Life support system

  • AVON Protection Underwater Systems

    World leading underwater breathing systems.

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    Seating system

  • Ullman Dynamics

    Providing the ultimate suspension seats for high-performance boats. Enables operators and crews to carry out missions in high seas, at high speeds, without injuries, with minimal fatigue and maximum comfort.

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  • BMT

    Our vessel is certified to the Grey Boat Code and the hull is DNV-GL certified (LR-certification is in-train). Our safety case is developed in conjunction with BMT a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy with a reputation for engineering excellence. 

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    Command system


    The SCISYS Group is a leading developer of IT services. Developing robust, real-world application solutions and provide supporting services that create real business benefit.

  • Sonardyne

    A leading independent global provider of underwater acoustic, inertial, optical and sonar technology.

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    Control system

  • Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies

    Using experience gained from previous America's Cup and Princess Yachts projects, the control system manages the dive and surfacing evolutions safely and provides all propulsion controls.

  • Diverse

    Delivering Maximum Performance from Onboard Systems in Racing, Performance Cruising & Superyachts.

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    Battery technology

  • subCtech

    Supplier of industrial batteries for sensors, actuators, subsea ROV or AUV.