Our story

Throughout history, Commanders have dreamed of a craft able to travel on the surface before diving to approach a target unseen. That dream is now a reality.

Following extensive simulations, tank and wind tunnel testing, modelling, prototyping and sea trials at our R&D facility in Portland, UK, we launched our DDU 01 technology demonstrator. From this initial model, we developed VICTA 02 – the world’s first operational surface-submersible capable of delivering operators to their target ‘mission ready’.

DDU 01

From its inception, VICTA has been designed around the end-user. With capacity for up to 8 operators and their equipment, or an equivalent payload, VICTA combines speed and endurance with flexibility and stealth.

Pilots submerged

Offering leading-edge design and manufacture and providing truly formidable operational flexibility, VICTA is suited to deployment from platforms as diverse as a standard shipping container through road-trailer and helicopter to surface vessel or air transport – without recourse to costly strategic assets. Its fly-by-wire control systems also enable autonomous capability, further enhancing its value for operation in high-risk environments. This combination allows VICTA to expose potentially game-changing tactical and strategic choices in maritime, joint and special operations. 

DDU 02 easily transportable
Underwater moving