Our story

Throughout history, Commanders have dreamed of a craft able to travel on the surface before diving to approach a target unseen. That dream is now a reality.

SubSea Craft is a privately-funded SME delivering Advanced Maritime Technology. Our core product is VICTA, a Diver Delivery Unit - a surface submersible craft designed to operate at speed over range and capable of rapid transition beneath the surface to operate submerged, enabling the discreet delivery and recovery of divers. It is a unique, innovative British product focused primarily on the defence market but with utility beyond.

Following extensive simulations, tank and wind tunnel testing, modelling, prototyping and sea trials at our R&D facility in Portland, UK, we launched our DDU 01 technology demonstrator. From this initial model, we developed VICTA 02 – the world’s first operational surface-submersible capable of delivering operators to their target ‘mission ready’.

DDU 01

The SubSea Craft team have a broad and deep defence experience: the majority of the senior team, executive and non-executive, have had successful careers in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force with significant experience planning, supervising and commanding operations worldwide above and below the water and in the littoral.


SubSea Craft offers an array of products and services. With VICTA the centre of our output, it is but one part and, defined by a customer’s requirement, it sits alongside two other key elements of our business product offer: collaboration and consultancy.

DDU 02 easily transportable
Underwater moving