Staying safe during COVID-19

In common with businesses across the world, we are grappling with the effects of COVID 19 – but we have moved quickly to minimise the potential effects and to respond to the constraints with fortitude and good humour. It gives us an opportunity to reach out to all of you - our friends, partners, clients and associates across the world to let you know that we’re thinking of you.

For us at SubSea Craft it is business as usual but with the exception that our office is a ghost town, complete with tumbleweeds and we’re all working from home (and doubtless irritating our partners into the bargain..!)

The exception is our intrepid team of boat builders from BAR-Tech who, in concert with our technical team, are still in the workshop bringing VICTA to life. Their commitment and dedication is remarkable and, although they’re operating within significant constraint, they are still on schedule.

Like all of you, we look forward to this being over, to re-vitalising our relationships with you all in the flesh as opposed by digital means and bringing you all closer to VICTA as she gets into the water. We are all in this together – keep smiling, stay fit, strong and positive and we’ll beat it. Keep in touch!