Our Engineering Team: A Conversation with the Head of Design at SubSea Craft

At SubSea Craft we pride ourselves in employing the best in industry. Within the company we nurture talent, allowing passion and creativity to drive our business.

We have a growing engineering department within the company, and as our aims and products develop we welcome new talent and innovative thinking within the team.

This week we spoke to Will Henson, Head of Design at SubSea Craft about his experience within STEM, the company and what is next for him and SubSea Craft. 

What is your current role and how has it evolved over time?

I am currently Head of Design with SubSea Craft and my motivation is in designing and producing technology to the highest standards I can, and at SubSea Craft this translates to breaking the traditional boundaries of technology within the maritime sector. In my current position as a leader within the engineering team, a key focus for me is to channel the high quality and standards of our team towards the goals of the business. It is a real privilege to lead such a capable and driven team.

What are you most excited by about the future of SubSea Craft?

I am really passionate about engineering – in many ways it is my life inside of work and outside. With SubSea Craft being an advanced technology company with application in the Maritime Sector, I’m really excited to be part of a team at the forefront of innovation in the industry. It is important to demonstrate how Maritime engineering can be high-tech, even if it hasn’t historically been; SSC are uniquely positioned by their team, skills and shared mindset to do this and disrupt the maritime market. 

Being able to see these ideas go from concepts through to building something that will be used and will make a difference is important to me. 

I love to use my skillset to effect change in the world through applying game-changing technologies to the maritime sector, but also in my personal endeavours.

Can you comment on some personal or career goals?

I have a strong passion to delivering the best engineering solution to the best of my ability. My mentality is to never stop and never settle, and to constantly embrace change. 

I have been involved in STEM for a long time, and drawing from my leadership position with SubSea Craft, I am increasingly interested in getting other people excited about engineering too. Despite it being a very common answer when young people are asked ‘what is engineering?’, engineering is much more than fixing cars; we all use the core principles of engineering in our everyday life when we create and design things. I’m really looking forward to finding ways of instilling that passion into other people, businesses, and schools.  

I also volunteer with the charity, Remap. Cases are referred to me by occupational therapists to advise, design, or modify custom made equipment for people with disabilities who can't get the services through the NHS or independently. I volunteer my time and skills to design these solutions – a further testament to the importance of engineering across all sectors and aspects of my life. 

The organisation can be found at: https://www.remap.org.uk

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