The SubSea Craft team comprises an array of individuals with experience across a broad spectrum of business, defense and engineering. We could offer a service to customers to meet specific needs, linked to, or separate from VICTA. This could involve:

  • Advanced simulation to aid capability development
  • Specialist technical advice – advising on underwater/submersible capability development
  • Providing specific engineering consultancy in support of other programs
  • Providing maintenance and/or training to other programs
  • Specialist training and capability development advice
  • Specialist tactical development advice and guidance
  • Specific advice and guidance on the design and development of similar capabilities
  • Advice and guidance on maritime technology programme management
  • Engineering consultancy on adaptation of components to enable their employment in challenging environments
  • Development and delivery of training to prepare customers (operator and maintenance)
  • Delivery of through-life support to the client, assuring resilience, reliability and high levels of availability of their equipment throughout its service
Cockpit simulator for VICTA
SubSea Craft's DDU, VICTA, commences fitout at HQ